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Rafting in Nepal

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Rafting in Nepal
Bhote Koshi
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Rafting in Nepal is truly a paradise for river rafters and kayakers alike and some of the best conditions for white water rafting. The cascading water from the Himalayas give rise to some of the exciting rivers one could possiby imagine. One need not neccessary be a fanatic or a thrill seeker to enjoy kayaking or rafting in these rivers. Rafting  in Nepal offers wide range of experiences.It is a different story altogether. The vegetation, landscape, culture, flora and fauna are very different compared to the mountains. The climate is much more warm, so it is ideal to get splashed on the raft. The river originates from the Himalayas and eventually joins the great Ganga and Jamuna (the holy river) in India. It is another enjoyable and effective way to experience the rural areas.

These pleasures are complimented by even more thrill of running through powerful fast flowing rapids. The skill of our professional guides and modern rafts, enable us to safely challenge these exciting rivers. After a long and exciting day one can relax and enjoy the evening by the riverbank, or go for a village walk or just laze around the camp and wait for a variety of surprises from our excellent cook.

Sunkoshi-Grade 4 to 5 (10 days) Also captioned as “The River of Gold”, originates from the Himalayas in Tibet. It is also one of the ten best river rafting and Kkayaking rivers in the world. The whole run covers 270 km, 10 days, through some of Nepal’s most remote corners. There are no links to road, towns or civilization as we rely on our own supplies and experience. The Big Dipper, Jaws, Harkapur II and Roller Coaster are only few of the rapids that have entered the list from previous explorers. There are rapids all the way down to the Sunkoshi. The last days have some of the best. Besides, we have ample time to explore villages, jungles and religious sites along the way, which makes this trip full of surprises.

Trisuli River Rafting – Grade 3 (1 to 3 days)
Trisuli River Rafting is most popular in Nepal. It is about 80 km from Kathmandu and easily accessible. It offers exciting rapids, gorges and pleasant scenery. As the river flows southbound, it has a perfect connection to the Royal Chitwan National Park. Here, visitors go for peace and tranquillity or dare the one horned Rhinos and other rare species of South East Asia.You have a choice of doing one day rafting or for few days and engage yourself to yet another exciting jungle safaris downsouth Chitwan.

Bhote Koshi –100% Adrenaline Rush-Grade 3-5
Drawing amazing and mystifying power from high in the Bhot (Tibet), the Bhote Koshi River, tumbles into Nepal through breathtaking valleys. Glacier water, from the 10th Highest Mountain Shisa Pangma, carves a steep and direct drop at the top that gradually eases to more placid streams and calmer pools within a 46 kms run at the Lamosangu dam. The rapids over here are a solid class IV- V at high flow and a more classic III at lower levels.

Continuous, challenging and action-packed, the Bhote Koshi offers nothing less than the ride of a lifetime. If you have never rafted before and if you have limited time but desire an adrenaline overload, then this is an ideal introductory trip package for you.

A stupendous setting, thrilling drops, gorges and limestone formations welcome you into another dimension where your instinct becomes your driving force and your body is your best ally.

The perfect compliment to any trip to Nepal or on the road to Tibet can be an extended stay at the multifaceted Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort. Activities and facilities include: rafting, kayaking, canyoning, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, bungy jumping, a trip to the Tibet border, relaxing on the grassy lawn, cool drinks at the Arniko Bar, tour through a Nepali handmade paper factory, participate in the professional development programs, team building events/ leadership training programs, live music, wholesome food, great folks and much more.

Seti River Rafting– Grade 1 to 2 (3 Days)
Peace, tranquillity and the blue green waters of the Seti Rriver make thin and enjoyable river to raft or kayak. Very popular for fishing with great relaxing beaches. This is one of the best ways to connect from Pokhara to the Chitwan National Wild Llife Reserves.

Karnali (Far Western River)) – Grade 4 to 5 (10 Days)
The far West of Nepal is one of the most isolated and the least explored region in Nepal.Only recently opened to visitors, this region offers one great challenges in adventure’s world. Karnali, Nepal`s huge river, descends through the mountains in series of pristine forest. It rises high in Tibet near Mt. Kailash, the centre of the Universe and the source of four mighty rivers namely, the Sutlej, Brahmaputra, the Indus and the Karnali.It is a combination of few days trek to reach the starting point of the raft and facing one of the best white water in this part of the world. Loading all the supplies into our raft, off we venture onto the Karnali, a land of steep wooded canyons, deserted beaches and small-scattered villages. As Gharial and Mugger Crocodile bask in the canyons, plenty of other wildlife including the black beer and elusive leopard awaits us. Popular for fishing and beautiful river experience is truly for you. A truly river rafting in Nepal.

Kali Gandaki– Grade 4 (5 Days)
This river rises from Mustang, which lies towards the north side of the massif Dhaulagiri. Kali, named after Goddess Kali (Hindu Goddess), roars strongly down between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna region where one can find world’s deepest gorge. It is a very popular trekking and pilgrimage route, which was once a trade route to Tibet. Our raft commences at Andi Khola. As we raft down some exciting rapids, snow capped Himal rise high in the backdrop. Both experienced and beginners will enjoy this trip to the fullest.

River Grades

1 / 2  Easy- flat water, occassional waves.

3      Moderate- waves with swift currents and narrow channels, paddling is fairly physica

4 / 5  Streneous- powerful waves, constricted channels, streneous  paddling and full of action.